Postpartum depression linked to mother’s pain after childbirth

“SAN FRANCISCO – While childbirth pain has been linked to postpartum depression, the culprit may be the pain experienced by the mother following childbirth, rather than during the labor and delivery process, suggests new research presented at the ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2018 annual meeting.Previous research has demonstrated the pain associated with giving birth may increase the risk of postpartum depression but has not specified which part of the labor process (e.g., before, during or after delivery) may be the source of the problem. This is the first study to differentiate postpartum pain from labor and delivery pain and identify it as a significant risk factor for postpartum depression.” (Read more from the news)



New Finding: Postpartum Depression is likely to be seasonal

“An intriguing new study has shown that women who give birth in winter and spring are less likely to suffer the ‘baby blue’ those who have babies at more clement times of year.” Dr. Zhou responded to the finding, ‘We wanted to find out whether there are certain factors influencing the risk of developing postpartum depression that may be avoided to improve women’s health both physically and mentally…Literature has linked postpartum depression to Vitamin D. Its storage may deplete in a few months without proper supplement or sun exposure, which could be related’…’’ (Read more from the Telegraph)